As with all organizations around the world, we are currently navigating the COVID-19 onademic. We remain committed to our cause and will continue our mission. Thank you for your support and stay safe!

RIA41 is a Charitable Foundation that exists to provide aid and support to impoverished children and those who have fallen victim to the Human Trafficking Trade. Our small but passionate team come from all walks of life and  have decades of experience in overseas aid.

We see ourselves as enablers for the many organisations around the globe who are actively rescuing and restoring the lives of Human Trafficking victims. We provide consultation, financial & operational support, human resources and boots on the ground to assist other organisations and those in need.

It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it. – Frank Warren

Our international partnerships and collaborations have resulted in life changing outcomes for thousands of children around the world. We hope that you too can be a part of this…


The Online Justice Conference Asia 2021


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